Fletro Pro V6.0 Premium and Elegant Blogger Template Free Download in 2021

Fletro Pro V6.0 Premium and Elegant Blogger Template Free Download in 2021

In addition to correcting some of the flaws in the previous version, made improvements and introduced some innovative features to the Fletro Pro Template Update.

In the oldest version of Fletro pro like Fletro pro 5.5 and also you can download the Fletro lite version. Fletro lite provides a very fast loading speed and easy to loading at a low internet speed. 

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Fletro Pro v6.0 gives you the greatest features which come which some bug in the old version of Fletro pro. You can see and read the complete documentation and tutorials from the official website of Jajo Desain. 

What new in Fletro Pro V6.0?

A new appearance

The biggest visible difference is in the template structure, as we redesigned all of the template code (including CSS code). We simplified several components to improve their appearance.

Color Changes Using CSS Variables

To give color to all components now, we use the CSS variable: root. You no longer need to be concerned about altering the template's color, especially if you're using AMP; simply modify one line of code and all colors will be changed to the existing.

Changing the navigation link is a lot easier.

We created a new widget in the newest version as an alternative for those of you who are having trouble altering the navigation menu in the HTML template this new widget can be modified straight from the Blogger layout and includes social networking connections that can also be easily modified.

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The limitation of this widget is that it can only use a limited number of default dropdowns and icons, but that is sufficient for those of you who would rather focus on blogging than fiddling with templates.

In Blogger Theme Designer, you may alter almost all of the colors.

You can change the color of the mobile address bar without having to update the HTML template. Hues are sometimes split based on criteria, such as the color of headers and footers.

Share button that is more user-friendly

A share button has been added at the top of the post, along with a pop-up activation button in the header.

The game's Lite version is no longer being developed.

We chose to remove this version from the product package because it is less popular with consumers; instead of updating it, we would supply a regular version to those who have purchased it.


We receive a lot of problem reports and solve them all, so we'll just list a few of the more relevant ones here:

  • Some non-changeable colors were fixed.
  • The remark icon that couldn't be clicked has been fixed. The Table of Contents script, which only supported Latin text, has been fixed.
  • Blogger layout does not allow you to hide the fixed date or author name.
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  • As well as several other enhancements

In the amended post, I've added a New Features Style.

In this upgraded version, we revised all post styles and added some new ones, which you can view on this page.

Placement of new ad slots

In-feed advertising (ads between lists of posts) and Anchor advertisements (which will only appear on mobile views) are two new ad slots available in the current edition. 

On the documentation blog, we've published all of the instructions for activating some of these ad spaces.

On the homepage, there is a slider widget.

On the top page, we introduced an image slider, however, it must first be engaged. There are two sizes of the slider available: large and micro. You can use the Blogger layout to try it out.

Sponsored Special Posts 

Sponsored Special Posts are articles that are written by people who are paid to write them Occasionally, numerous blogs will open advertising services in the form of posts, or they may open guest articles for other bloggers. 

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A special post view with a somewhat different layout was added to help with this. Simply add the 'Sponsored' label to the post to activate it.

Comment pop-up on a blogger

This function was only accessible for the image template at first, but due to popular demand, it was added to other templates as well. If you don't want to use it, you may just turn it off.