Top 10 Google Play App Store Premium Blogger Templates 2021

Top 10 Google Play App Store Premium Blogger Templates 2021

Do you want to create your own professional Google play APP store website in blogger? The layout of the app store blogger template should be similar to Google play store or APKpure. The simple and clean layout grabbing user attention. 

In this article, You will find the best premium APP store blogger template design in 2021. You don't need to remove footer credit, You can easily customize the footer link.

1. Pure APK

Top 10 Google Play App Store Premium Blogger Templates 2021

Pure APK is the modern App and games store blogger template.  Before download and install this template you must be read this article. It is another greatest app store blogger template done by Ms design BD. 

The main features of this template such as Minimal design, smoothness, and responsiveness to any device. This template provides different blog sections where you can add your games and apps. It has a very minimal and clean header input search box with a search icon. 


Features of Pure APK


Responsive Design


Fast loading


SEO friendly


Adsence Friendly


Featured APP and Games Widget


Google Play download button


schema (Blog posting)


Recent Post widget


Social Sharing button

You can find the sidebar in the desktop and mobile versions. Easy to customize your sidebar link and icon. Also, you can connect your website to your popular site like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter.

2. Sora APPS

Top 10 Google Play App Store Premium Blogger Templates 2021

Sora APPS is another beautiful and Premium APP store blogger template. In this theme, You can get professional Features app and games widgets. 

It is a well SEO optimized and responsive layout in any device like Mobile, desktop, and tablets. It is easy to add the navigation links and mega menu.

The main features of this template like Search engine friendly, Fully customizable, Sidebar response blogger events, Fast loading in Google speed insights. It uses Ajax auto slider where you can add your popular posts as the carousel.

You also watch video documentation for full information about Sora apps. It provides a sidebar categories section with web icons and links. This template also provides related post widgets in your blog article.

3. Sure APK

Top 10 Google Play App Store Premium Blogger Templates 2021

Sure APK is also the greatest blogger template to showcase your premium apps and games. It is your best choice to use this template. It provides a very clean and minimal design and layouts. 

The main features of this template such as full-width hero section, font awesome icons, Drop downlinks, Search icons, Easy to arrange sidebar elements, Google AdSense friendly, Fully SEO optimizable blogger template.

Other features such as Fast loading, easy to customize your app and games post layouts,  Social sharing button, Google play, and download button. You can watch video documentation for you will be customized this template easily.

4. Blue APK

Top 10 Google Play App Store Premium Blogger Templates 2021

Blue APK is the best template for your android app. This template provides many useful features to make the perfect Google play App store website. 

Now, there are many APP store website has been creating for increase website visitors. You can provide a premium play store app on your blue APK blog website.

This template's core features are the Complex mega menu, Font Awesome icons, Share button, related posts section, Breadcrumb, Animated input search box, and many more.

The technical SEO of this website is well-optimized such as Schema markup code, Meta content for blogger, Breadcrumb, Image optimization, Open graph meta tags, Twitter card, domain verification, and so on.

5. File Hippo (Default)

Top 10 Google Play App Store Premium Blogger Templates 2021

File Hippo is also a professional modern-looking blogger template. File Hippo comes from two versions like default and black. In the default version, You can get a nice white light mode homepage. In the black version, You can get dark mode features. 

The main features of these templates such as the Header input search box, social button, drop-down menu, Using font awesome icons with windows, apps, and tech news. You can easily customize these icons and links. It provides many post layouts where you can add your popular and label posts.

The Technical SEO of this template is very awesome and using advanced SEO code. It uses SEO meta tags, Facebook open graph, Favicon for blogger, use conical tags, etc.

6. Power APK

Top 10 Google Play App Store Premium Blogger Templates 2021

This is the default version of the power APK blogger template. It has a very minimal and clean interface. You can get the header navigation drop-down menu. 

Power APK prefers to use the APP store blogger template. This is a big solution to create a professional app store website in blogger.

This template us advance markup schema tags such as blog postings, and so on. It uses all essential SEO meta tags and open graph code. It uses meta title, keyboard, description, robots.txt file, sitemap.xml. 

The core features of this template such a 100% responsive design in any device such as desktop, laptop, and mobile. It is fully customized for all blogger layouts. Other features such as ads ready, navigation, download button, well-optimized, etc.

7. Green APK

Top 10 Google Play App Store Premium Blogger Templates 2021

Green APK is another modern and 100% responsive blogger template. It is a very simple and clean design. If you want to download this template then click the download button. Now, we discuss the features of green APK and what are the best technical SEO use in this template.

The main features of this template such 100% responsive design, Search engine friendly, smooth animation, navigation hover effect, Font awesome icons, Download button,  Relates posts section, AdSense friendly, Easy to add banner and ads from your networks. You can easily customized this template. 

The technical SEO of these templates like Use Schema markup code, blogger Meta tags where you don't need to manually add and edit this tags, Image optimization tags, Facebook open graph, Site verifications, Image alt tags and title tags, Blogger keyboard, description and title for your website.

8. File Hippo (Black) 

Top 10 Google Play App Store Premium Blogger Templates 2021

File hippo is the premium blogger template inspiring by the file hippo website. file Hippo black is also the greatest feature of the file hippo version.  It has a powerful admin panel where you can control your homepage. 

The template has not only an attractive design but it has the latest SEO meta content, Schema markup tags integration. This template takes seconds to load complete website element like image, text, CDN and other.  Time speed is a major way to improve user-friendly themes.  

The main features of this template such as 100% responsive design, SEO-friendly blogger template, fast loading, Easily customized layout, AdSense friendly, navigation drop-down menu, social button, and input search box

9. Power APK(Green)

Top 10 Google Play App Store Premium Blogger Templates 2021

Power APK Green is another professional template from the Templatezy website. If you want to start an app store blogger website then this template is best for your blog. 

Let discuss the features of this template and what is technical SEO you get in this template. It is another version of the Power APK blogger template.

The core features of this template such as Ads-ready blogger template, Advanced schema markup tags, user friendly, Responsive design, Download button, Easy to customize, Navigation awesome icons with links, Mobile sidebar toggle menu, and many more.

You can watch video documentation and watch it on YouTube for more information about this template. This template is compatible with all browsers. The layout of this template is completely user-friendly, easy to control the admin panel.