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Top 10 Templateify Premium Blogger Templates in 2021

The Templateify website is well-known among bloggers. Templateify offers professional and high-quality blogger templates that can be downloaded for free. Templateify sells premium blogger themes for $9 each.

In this article, We will discuss the Top 10 Responsive and SEO Friendly Blogger Templates. That is why You can use this template for your blogger for free. 

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1. Gnews

Assets here

The Gnews responsive blogger template is a fully functional one-page theme with well-optimized code. It has a fully adjustable layout that makes color changes simple. If you're looking for a theme that may help you with your news specialty, this is the one to go with. It has a blue color scheme to it. 

This feature-rich template allows users to develop professional-looking themes in a short amount of time. It's completely configurable, as well as SEO-friendly. If you want to start a health, travel, video, freelancer, journalism, or another blog, go for it.

After using this template, you have made a good option. You also read this guide carefully to set up your blog and remember that free user help is unavailable. Please check the live demo or download the template using the below button.

2. Foodify

Foodify blogger template

If you want to create food, coffee, or restaurant blog, Foodify will serve you well. This free template has been built just for eateries. It has lovely 5 color presets. This template allows you to simply design your own topic. This topic will be great for you. 

This means you will immediately mean modifications depending on the size of the monitor, whether you're using a desktop or mobile. This is the best alternative for you if you enjoy advancing and modern designs. Use this theme and construct great websites.

3. LiteSpot

LiteSpot- blogger template

A very SEO optimized template is LiteSpot is professional, fast, and totally adaptable. This topic is appropriate for Google Ads. The newest and advanced SEO techniques are used to optimize it. You will be best served by thinking about a news site, publications, blogs, or other stuff.

For technological websites, it is highly recommended. This beautiful theme has very quick loading and an attractive design. The version is both free and paid. You absolutely should try this theme if you've used a blogger.

4. Colorify

colorify blogger template

Colorify is a highly modern blogger template with an emphasis on speed and versatility. It's well suited to any particular sort of blog, photo, travel, or biography blog. It's incredibly light, this fast topic with several strategies has been designed to obtain great results on Google, and we also take the code quality and SEO into account.

It's easy to use and personalize the Colorify Blogger template. Includes a robust panel of themes to simplify management. Colorify is Google AdSense-compatible and multilingual, RTL included.

5. SuperMag 


The SuperMag Professional Blogger Template has the appearance of a WordPress theme. SuperMag Blogger Template is a highly strong and professional theme. It is a properly responsive magazine blogger template. SuperMag is extremely quick and well-optimized, helping your website to rank well in search engines.

SuperMag is totally mobile-friendly and Adsense-friendly. SuperMag Responsive Blogger template is also totally configurable, allowing users to build a variety of various styles in only a few clicks, utilizing the platform's detailed design, without having to modify a code from scratch.

6.  SEO Pro

seo pro blogger template

SeoPro Responsive Blogger template is a completely customizable and professional blogger theme. SeoPro is a speedy and well-optimized blogger template. SeoPro is incredibly simple to set up and has some unique features that don't require any coding.

The SeoPro Blogger Template is entirely suited for mobile devices and has a great look. SeoPro is also Adsense compatible, allowing you to quickly put up advertising and monetize your blog. SeoPro comes with comprehensive documentation and a video tutorial to aid with configuration.

7. Tech Mag 

tech mag

TechMag is a great blogger template that is both free and premium. It's entirely customizable, so you may use the latest blogger/Blogspot tools to build your own stunning design. TechMag is a simple blogger template that loads quickly. Its design is completely unique and ideal for taking your website to the next level. 

When it comes to Google Lighthouse, the TechMag Blogger Template is perfectly optimized and gives unrivaled results. There aren't likely to be any other blogger themes that provide identical outcomes. TechMag Blogger Template is ideal for anybody searching for a blogger template that is simple, quick, customizable, and mobile-friendly.

8. Gameify

Gameify blogger template

Gameify - Blog & Publication Gaming Blogger Templates are free to download. If you want to establish a high-speed gaming blog and are seeking a nice template with a unique idea, Gameify Template is a professional blogger theme. If you're seeking these themes, this is the appropriate template for you. 

Because this is a template with the most recent updates, it contains a lot of cool features. It's optimized for SEO, and Gamify Blogger Template is ideal for gaming blogs, tech news, videos, websites, and a variety of other themes. Is for you if you wish to establish a quality gaming and gaming news website.

9. Freebify

freebify blogger template

Freebify is a responsive and flexible blogger template that is quick, professional, contemporary, and totally customizable. It's ideal for tutorial blogs, mockups, vectors, logos, fonts, free blogger templates, wordpress themes, and a variety of other niches. Freebify is also a great choice for monetizing your website with banners since it is one of the blogger themes with the most banner areas.

Freebify is entirely customizable, which means you may use the same design to create many blogs. Customizations are accomplished using a dedicated blogger page for this purpose, therefore you don't need any coding experience to alter this theme.

10. Cleanify

cleanify blogger template

Download Cleanify - Responsive Blogger Template for Free. Cleanify is a professional premium blogger template if you want to operate a fast-loading website and are seeking a solid template with a unique idea. It's really clean and shockingly speedy. 

Cleanify is completely SEO optimized for the major search engines. If you are looking for these templates, this is the right template for you. It offers fantastic features because it is a template with the most recent updates. This template can aid in the expansion of your website.


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