Top 10 Fully Customizable Premium Blogger Templates in 2021

Are you looking for a Fully customizable blogger template design in 2021? When you start a blog in blogger Platform you need to customs templates. This article will learn about How to download the top 10 fully customizable blogger templates in 2021. 

Popular Blogger Templates

Everything you can customize in these templates. I use many blogger templates where there is a lack of additional elements like HTML/Javascript,  Image, Links, email subscription, contact us, etc. There is a lack of adding a maximum widget in your simple blogger templates. 

These templates include Fully customizable, Adsence friendly, SEO optimized, fast loading, and Easy to add any sidebar, footers, and posts layout by drag-drop. Also, Must trendy features in the website like one-click dark mode are available in these templates. 

1. Blink 

Blink blogger Templates

Blink is the professional-looking news and magazine blogger template. This template is created by the piki templates website where you can find unlimited elegant-looking blogger templates. Now, the core features of this template such as social sharing button, Hero features posts, easy to create dynamic posts section, and many more.

Specials if you want to make a news blog then this template is perfect for you. Blink provides advanced SEO meta tags, schema data, and some little bit SEO techniques used in this template. The search engines can easily render your article and pages in a relevant way. You don't need to generate extra schema data for your website.

2. Piki Mirror

Piki Miror blogger template

The mirror is another professional-looking template that has a stylish look and a classy design. This template is SEO-friendly and fast-loading. The design is creative and looks great, and it fits any blog category.

The main menu is on the left sidebar, and the main wrapper is on the left sidebar, which looks great. Both post and page shortcodes were provided in advance. The documentation is well-maintained, making it simple to install the template on your blog. 

This template offers a full-width homepage with no sidebar, making it look elegant and professional. This template's loading speed is fantastic. The template has been optimized to load faster on your blog.

3. Max Gym

max gym blogger template

Piki Max Gym blogger template is a special design for a health and fitness blog. It is a fully customizable and elegant-looking premium template. 

The max gym's core features include a featured posts section on top, Advanced footer links, Elegant looking design, SEO packs, Fully customizable, Adsence friendly, Easy to load and rendering, etc. Installing this template no longer involves HTML coding. 

The main primary goal is to use and install these templates that do not require any HTML coding. You can find simple drag and drop features such as link lists that are global default gadgets or a user-friendly environment almost everywhere.

4. Snog Lite


Snog Lite is the lightweight fast loading blogger template. It is a special design for traveling, and a health blog website. This template's main core features include auto-load posts, more featured Gadgets, Responsive, easy customized color and layout, browser compatibility, ads ready blog,  Multiple languages support, SEO meta tags and schema data, etc. 

About the template detailed you can find the headline ticker in the top, full-width search box and mobile sidebar menu, multiple posts section with different layout, easy to place ads networks ads, and last but list advanced footer section with links ad grid items. 

5. Speed Lighter


Speed lighter is one of my favorite and popular blogger templates.  This template is also designed for traveling and fitness blogs. It provides a very clean and elegant-looking blog posts section. 

According to this my choice, you can use this template for every blog website, because it provides you all Advances SEO meta tags, Schema data, and compatibility blog layouts which helps to make fast loading and rendering your website. 

As with other core features,  you don't need to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript, It is fully customizable and easy to change the layout. It uses every CSS variable and root to make it easier to change colorfast. This template is fast loading, responsive design, and browser compatibility. 

6. Blighter


One of the most SEO-friendly and responsive blogger templates ever is Blighter. The primary characteristics of this template are js cache plugins, which assist to create a user-friendly blog, author profile box, social plugins, and sharing button, easy to set up without any coding experience, SEO valid, and responsive design. 

You can easily customize this template as a result of this tutorial. This theme is well-designed and compatible with all browsers. All shortcodes are pre-installed in this theme, and you can use them on your posts and pages as needed.

7. Zamia Style


Zamia Style is among the greatest blogger themes available, featuring additional features such as smooth sliders and featured post gadgets. This design is well-optimized for SEO and has a pleasant, gradient appearance. Now you may download it and use it on your blog. This is well-suited to all browsers, and the loading time is significantly reduced. 

The documentation is organized in a step-by-step format to assist you in installing the template. This template comes with all the shortcodes you'll need to use the theme on your posts and pages. Now you may download and use it on your blog to make it look professional.

8. Piki newspaper 10


Piki Newspapers 10 is specially designed for news and magazine blog websites. You can get many features in this template such as customer label posts, fast loading, gradient menu, AdSense friendly, valid schema data structure, new advanced blogger framework for fast loading, and no need to create SEO meta tags, etc. 

This template is 100% working on any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge, etc. If you buy this template as a premium you can get extra other features like customer help, ads ready, install guide, and more. 

9. Booster Mag


Booster mag is the same blogger template as others included in this article. For more information and online documentation, you can visit the piki templates website and get an exclusive premium blogger template for free. 

This template's core features include elegant looking layout, easy to ease in any browser, features gadgets, a mega grid section, an advanced blogger framework for making fast-loading templates,  responsive rendering on any device like mobile, and desktop, and more.

No more about this template, you can use it for your news and traveling blog. As a last, it is a fully customizable blogger template. You don't need to edit HTM code, Easy to edit the layout, color, and fonts from the blogger layout section.

10. Piki Job Alert


Piki Job Alert has become one of the great blogger templates in the education industry. It offers advanced-level features such as box-type featured posts that look great and professional.

You may download and use this theme on your site right now to get changed jobs with this expert-level blogger platform template. This template has a fast-loading, clean, and basic design that does not contain any hidden code.

This blogger template is nicely tuned to load quicker and is also compatible with all browsers. All of the shortcodes available in this template are pre-installed and ready to use on your posts and pages as needed. Download now and use it on your blog to transform it into a professional site.


If you satisfy with these templates, You must visit the assets here website. You can download professional and elegant blogger templates and more.

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